Love of cooking brings NewHolly neighbors together

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Community kitchen events showcase cuisine from around the world

Community Kitchens: NewHolly participants gather regularly to share recipes and prepare tasty dishes from around the world. Pictured from left are Lissa Munger, Halima Antee, Aun Neov, Rebecca Lane, Cynda Rochester, Angie Hudkins, Hiroko Spees, Bill Flaherty and Lima Cheng.

By Lima Cheng
Special to The Voice
I love cooking. I love everything about cooking. I love the smells, the tastes, the textures, the colors. Cooking is my teacher — it brings out my creativity; my friend — I do some of my best “life-sorting” when I cook; my mother — it comforts while prompting reason and my love.
Cooking is a source of endorphins, the wonderful biochemical that can provide a rush of euphoria. And it’s also a source of relaxation — that’s a lot coming from me, since I’m a massage therapist. It relaxes and inspires at the same time.
Of course, one of my favorite parts about cooking (besides eating) is learning ethnic cuisines, which is why I enjoy being a part of Community Kitchens: NewHolly (CK:NH). When we talked about how to describe the group, one member said, “We work to bring neighbors together to cook and share food. People get to learn new cooking skills, eat yummy food, and make new friends. It is a group open to any and all NewHolly residents.”
As a group, we have sole deciding power on ingredients and the menu. The lovely thing is that, due to the diversity of our neighborhood, the scope of the menu is limitless. Not only do we get to learn the fare of other cultures, but food just has a way of uniting people and creating a quick and beautiful bridge over the language gap. I’ve bonded over slicing apples for apple crisp, doctoring spaghetti sauce for veggie pizzas and pouring coconut milk in Cambodian curry.
In the few months that I’ve been involved with CK:NH, I believe we have reached a group spirit that is friendly and approachable. Our decision-making meetings are actually fun — but really, we’re talking about food, how can it not be fun?
Our next event is Tuesday, March 12, and all New Holly residents are invited to cook and share the meal. We meet at 4 p.m. at the Campus Kitchen to cook together. And we plan to sit down to eat together in the Gathering Hall. You’re welcome to come for the cooking, the eating, or both! We also need to raise funds to purchase the food, so we’re welcoming voluntary donations of any amount, with a suggested amount of $3 per adult, $1 per child, or $5 per family.
If you’d like to be part of deciding the menu and planning future events, you will be very welcome. Please contact Rebecca Lane at 206-852-0218 or
Hope to see you soon.

Lima Cheng is a resident of the NewHolly community.

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