UW students help SHA tackle youth violence

By Voice staff

Through March 10, University of Washington students from the School of Public Health will be working with community builders in three Seattle Housing Authority (SHA) Communities: NewHolly, Rainier Vista, and Yesler Terrace. They will be addressing the topic of preventing youth violence.

The students will be working on several assignments, and have been asked by SHA to assist with the following:
•Identify youth violence prevention strategies that have worked in other parts of Washington and the country.
•Identify local initiatives that are addressing youth violence.
•Talk with local residents about their awareness of youth violence resources and needs in their communities.
•Develop a resource guide on youth violence prevention that will be useful in all SHA communities.
•Search for opportunities for funding for new services aimed at preventing youth violence.
•Make recommendations specific to each site for ways to improve youth violence prevention.

Peter House, UW Senior Lecturer Emeritus, is the faculty contact and can be reached at 206-941-7663 or phinney6@uw.edu if you have questions or if you would like to speak with one of the students about youth violence prevention in your community.

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