High Point neighborhood receives high praise from The Seattle Times

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By Seattle Housing Authority

Last November, Seattle Times columnist Gene Balk wrote a story about people moving into, and out of, Seattle.

Balk reported that in 2015, the number of native-born Washingtonians in King County declined and account for only 40 percent of the total population.

A sidebar article for newcomers titled “Find your neighborhood” singled out 14 Seattle neighborhoods, including West Seattle’s High Point.
The article showcased its many parks, playfields and playgrounds along with services offered at the Neighborhood House community center.

Here are the links to view the articles:
Gene Balk’s article: http://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/data/newcomers-pour-into-king-county-while-washingtonians-quietly-exit/
High Point review: http://projects.seattletimes.com/2016/quizzes/seattle-neighborhoods-quiz/

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