Seattleites join the world and show solidarity for human, women’s rights

By Nancy Gardner

Photo by Kae Saeteurn

The Voice editor

On Jan. 20, while the nation’s capital turned to watch Donald Trump, the country’s 45th president, get sworn in, many Seattleites were readying themselves for the right to demonstrate against the newly-elected president.

Various groups staged protests in Seattle in the hours following President Trump’s inauguration. On Friday, students from Seattle Public Schools and Seattle Central College walked out of classes. In the late afternoon, hundreds participated in an immigrant and refugee-rights march through the Central and International Districts to Westlake Park.

Meanwhile, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray chose inauguration day to launch workshops for immigrants and refugees. Seattle’s Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs provided free legal and immigration services for those in need.

The Women’s March on Saturday, Jan. 21, drew over 100,000 participants, who expressed support for human and civil rights. Many state officials joined in, including Mayor Ed Murray and Gov. Jay Inslee.
“This is about being a welcoming and open city,” Murray said.

Similar women’s marches were held in countries around the globe, from France to Mexico. It was estimated that more than 5 million people marched to stand up for women’s rights, show solidarity with U.S. women and display opposition to President Trump.

Linda Dodson, a First Hill resident who participated in the Seattle’s Women’s March, said, “I think it is important for people who are opposed to the Trump agenda to stand up and let him and his administration know that many of us are watching carefully.”

“We will not tolerate bigotry, xenophobia, racism or homophobia. It was a great experience joining with so many people who feel as strongly about his negative agenda as I do. I feel much more hopeful that some of his more egregious positions might be stopped by ordinary people fighting to stop his administration from turning the clock back to an earlier time,” she said.

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who attended the Montpelier, Vermont march, said Trump should listen to the protesters.

“Listen to the needs of women. Listen to the needs of the immigrant community. Listen to the needs of workers. Listen to what’s going on with regards to climate change. Modify your positions. Let’s work together to try to save this planet and protect the middle class.”

Hillary Clinton, the 2016 democratic presidential candidate, offered her support on Twitter, calling the march “awe-inspiring” and said, “I hope it brought joy to others as it did to me.”



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