Rainier Vista homeowners show support for SHA residents

Written by on April 6, 2017 in Rainier Vista - Comments Off

Rainier Vista homeowners recently delivered a letter offering support to Seattle Housing Authority residents and others in the community. The statement below, which was translated into two additional languages, was signed by more than 200 people.

As members of the New Rainier Vista community, we are saddened and outraged by the blatant anti-immigrant, and specifically anti-Muslim, actions coming from the Trump administration. These actions are not normal and go against the very tenets of what America is about.

As we watch the rising tide of fear in our nation, as we listen to preposterous hate speech and rhetoric from this President, our hearts are cracked wide open. Today, we want to say loudly and clearly that if they target Muslim Americans, or any member of our diverse community, they target all of us; for we stand together as one.

We know you as mothers and fathers and caregivers, as our friends and neighbors. We know you as our brothers and our sisters. You are us. America is not America without you.

We love you, and we pledge to show our love in every corner of our lives. May we walk hand in hand into a future where racism, hate, and violence are relics of the past, where differences are celebrated, and our children inherit our joy. We stand ready to support you in the ways you ask us to.

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