SHA responds to president’s 2019 federal budget proposal

By SHA Staff

Below are the introductory paragraphs from a message by Andrew Lofton, SHA’s Executive Director, responding to the president’s 2019 proposed budget. To read the full text of the message, learn more about the potential impact of the budget proposal on SHA and find out how you can respond go to

The president has just released a proposed 2019 federal budget that would reduce funding to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development by 18.3 percent, which is $8.8 billion. The cuts would have devastating impacts to housing and services for people with low incomes in Seattle and across the country.

Cuts of this nature would be cruel to children, seniors, veterans, struggling families and others who do not make enough to meet basic needs without some form of assistance. For many of these vulnerable people, public housing and housing vouchers are the most important safety net they have—their only option for a safe, stable place to live that keeps them from being homeless. When we undermine these members of our communities, we not only hurt them, we put the health and vitality of entire communities at risk.

This 2019 budget proposal goes even further than a 13 percent, $6 billion cut the president put forward last year for the 2018 budget. Fortunately, last year Congress maintained funding for HUD at close to previous levels.

The Seattle Housing Authority thanks U.S. Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, U.S. Representatives Adam Smith and Pramila Jayapal, and others in Congress who understand the real and tragic impacts that severe cuts to federal funding for housing and services would have. We again look to their wisdom and leadership to help avert significant cuts and enact a responsible 2019 federal budget.

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